Prof. Louise Dye (University of Leeds)

Professor of Nutrition & Behaviour

Louise Dye is Professor of Nutrition and Behaviour in the University of Leeds Human Appetite Research Unit, based in the School of Psychology. Following a PhD in Human Psychopharmacology, she has accumulated more than two decades of experience in the assessment of cognitive function following nutritional and pharmacological intervention. Her research career has taken her across the world, with fellowships in the UK, Germany, Sweden, and even Australia, where she recently held the title of Visiting Distinguished Fellow at the Sansom Institute’s Nutritional Physiology Research Centre. Professor Dye’s current research focuses on human nutrition and the connections between diet, health, and behaviour change. She is particularly the effects of food and food components on cognitive performance and appetite control, and has published influential reviews on the effects of breakfast on academic outcomes in children and adolescents, as well as conducting a number of studies on the effects of different food components on mental performance. She is Associate Editor of Nutritional Neuroscience and the European Journal of Nutrition and currently sits on four expert groups for the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI).

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