Professor Keith Lindsey

Professor of Plant Molecular Biology

The N8 programme is a great opportunity for generating critical mass in food security, and I hope our interests in plant developmental biology will be able to make a useful contribution.

Keith Lindsey is Professor of Plant Molecular Biology and Head of Durham University’s School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences.

Following study as the Universities of Oxford and Edinburgh, he pursued postdoctoral research at Edinburgh’s Department of Edinburgh and Rothamsted Experimental Station’s Department of Biochemistry.

Keith’s research has focused on the developmental biology of plants, particularly functional genomics and the molecular control mechanisms in root development, with recent work including collaborative research into the development of new resistance mechanisms to protect plants from parasitic roundworms.

His research has taken him as far as China, where he holds a Visiting Professorship at Huazhong Agricultural University and works on projects relating to cotton crop production. He is Chair of the New Phytologist Trust, a charitable body that funds research into plant science, and Editor of its associated journal, New Phytologist. He was previously a member of BBSRC Council and of the government Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment (ACRE).

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