Livestock health and wellbeing

Research into livestock primary production is concentrated at Leeds, Liverpool and Newcastle.

The University of Leeds Farm has both indoor and outdoor pig units, addressing pig nutrition and breeding, and capacity for poultry nutrition work.

The University of Liverpool’s Farms at Leahurst are part of the Vet School, and focuses largely on infectious diseases of ruminants (sheep, dairy and beef cattle) and pigs with additional research programmes on , with poultry diseases studies and pig gut physiology.

The University of Newcastle farms include the full range of livestock at Cockle Park, addressing all aspects of livestock management and breeding, and a centre for low input farming systems at Nafferton; both farms address the environmental impact of farming.

Studies of the environmental impacts of livestock agriculture in terms of water quality take place at Lancaster, Leeds and York, while Manchester is developing sensors for soil quality and livestock movements.

(Photo: Livestock at Leeds University Farm – courtesy of Les Firbank)