Existing Centres of Excellence – Sustainable Food Production

The universities host a number of key centres of excellence including:

  • Centre for Crop Improvement Technology (Durham) – integrating plant genetics, cell biology, and biochemistry, with chemistry, physics, maths and engineering to develop technologies for crop improvement and protection
  • The Centre for Genomic Research (Liverpool)
    The Centre for Genomic Research (CGR) is a dedicated centre that facilitates cost-effective access to multiplatform sequencing and array technologies for researchers worldwide. We offer a wide range of applications, with associated informatics and analytical processing of data and functional interpretation

  • The Centre for Cell Imaging (Liverpool)
    At the CCI, we specialise in a range of microscopy techniques including: confocal, epifluorescent and lightsheet microscopy as well as having strong expertise in post-acquisition analysis. We support our users through the entire process, from experimental design, through image acquisition to extensive data analysis.

    The Centre for Proteome Research (Liverpool)
    The Centre for Proteome Research delivers research programmes focused on the function of proteins and metabolites in a complex range of biological systems. We offer expertise in the development of a broad range of new experimental approaches, both quantitative and qualitative.

  • Centre for Novel Agricultural Products (York) – undertaking research to develop plants and microbes as “green factories” to develop plant oils, high value chemicals, and biomass/biofuels

  • Water@Leeds (Leeds) – An interdisciplinary approach to tackling major water issues
  • GeneMill (Liverpool) – a dedicated facility for the rapid high throughput construction and testing of synthetic DNA constructs. Liverpool GeneMill removes complexity for the end user, providing end-to-end design, construction and phenotypic validation of libraries of gene constructs for academic and industrial applications.

N8 AgriFood also work together with other companies such as Stockbridge Technology