Innovation in powdered food products – implications and future potential

26 Oct 2017 - Manchester

This interactive, free to attend workshop aims to explore the implications of powdered food products via four themes.

  • Environmental impacts: To what extent might powdered products reduce the carbon footprint of food? Are benefits likely in reduced food waste? What are the environmental impacts of manufacturing common ingredients such as vitamin blends and protein powders?
  • Health: Is it possible to replace conventional meals completely without health risks? Are health benefits likely, and under what circumstances? What are the key challenges in this area?
  • Technology and supply chain: How might these products be distributed, and how could current supply chain actors be affected? Is a move to central storage/distribution via online ordering the most beneficial outcome? How can these products enable innovation via new food production technologies such as 3D printing?
  • Consumer behaviour: To what extent are consumers likely to be open to such a shift in diet? Is consumer adoption of these products sustainable in the long term, or is it linked to shorter term goals such as weight loss? What are the key challenges in consumer perception?

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