N8 Research Partnership

The N8 Research Partnership is a collaboration of the eight most research intensive universities in the North of England: Durham, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and York.

Working with universities, industry and society, N8 aims to maximise the impact of this research base by:

  • Promoting collaboration
  • Establishing innovative research capabilities & programmes of national and international prominence
  • Driving economic growth

N8 Research Partnership is focused on developing two Research Themes; AgriFood and Urban & Community Transformation. N8 is also promoting three Emerging Communities: topics that have the potential to grow into future Research Themes.

The N8 universities have an impressive track record in agri-food science and technology. With more than 370 researchers and a portfolio of £269m of research funding over the last six years, the N8 has the greatest concentration of bioscientists engaged in agri-food research in the UK. With a new investment of £16m from the N8 and HEFCE, N8 AgriFood is now building on these strengths to transform food security research.

Providing academic innovation that supports business success and growth is a key role of the N8 Research Partnership. The N8 AgriFood programme can deliver benefit to a wide range of businesses across agri- and food manufacturing sectors, by providing access to a comprehensive suite of world-class academic expertise and research facilities.

 N8 Director, Dr Peter Simpson

The N8 has a strong research record in food security across the natural and social sciences, with experimental farms, pathology suites, quarantine glass-houses, farm-scale grain storage, pest research units and leading bioscience laboratories, as well as expertise in sensors, diagnostics, measurement tools, electronics, data-mining and robotics.

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